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2017 Workshops

Encountering the Wild by Sam Jackson with Springfield Area Pagans.  18+

Inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh, wherein Gilgamesh meets his match in the wild man, Enkidu, this meditation will entail encountering our own wild man or wild woman; our wild “other”.

The intention however, is to not only encounter, but also to challenge and inevitably learn to integrate into ourselves that wild counterpart that we often ignore because more often than not, we’re told that they have no place in polite society.

It is this “wild” part of ourselves that connects us with nature, with our intuition, and with our instincts.

Reading the Runes by Jennilee Benda.  All Ages

This workshop will explore some new ways of rune casting beyond wooden or stone rune sets and give some introductory information on layouts and interpretations of rune readings. I will also have a list of recommended books to help beginners to understand the meanings of the runes.

No matter if you are a seasoned rune caster or just getting into the runes you will find this both informative and interesting.

Magick of the Pentagram by Gregory Brewer with Circle of the Spirit Tree.  All Ages

Understanding and implementing the various forms of invoking and banishing pentagrams for effective instant and ceremonial magick!

Ritual Conspiracy for Main Ritual by Babs Allen.  All Ages

A brief overview of what to expect in the Main Ritual, including learning the chants we’ll be using.  All are welcome!

Witchcraft: The Male Perspective by Ryu.  All Ages

This class an open dialogue about gender equality in Witchcraft! This class is for men AND women! Witchcraft is traditionally seen as Goddess worship or a “woman’s craft.” But that is not the whole picture! In this class, we will explore the role men have played in Witchcraft throughout the ages and discusses what it is like to be a male Witch in Modern America. Find out the different – but vital! – roles men play within the Witch Community. Men – learn how to break society norms and change the perception of what it is to be a Witch. Women – learn how to better utilize our male counterparts!

Mind over Magick: A Guide to Channeling Energy by Ryuujin.  13+

I intend to teach you how to focus and channel your energy using willpower. Many of my spells require no components nor rituals for set up, because I use sheer will to manipulate things to my desire.

We are made of energy. I mainly use mine for defense and barrier erecting, and I want to teach you how to as well.

Raising A Psychic Child by Lena with Pagans in Touch.  All Ages

An overview of how to approach and handle “gifted” children – kids who actually see and hear what goes bump in the night, frolic with “imaginary friends”, and know what they shouldn’t know without trying. A hereditary witch talks about what it was like to be a child frightened by unconventional experiences and how she learned to cope and protect herself, and how later in life she raised a child who experienced the same – and more – than she had. Protecting someone small is always a challenge, but when a caregiver can’t see what they’re dealing with, it can get sticky. Tricks and tools for both parents and kids will be offered. Q & A will be available.

The Voices in Your Head by Faith and Lena with Pagans in Touch.  All Ages

Two hereditary witches discuss what it’s like living with clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition and a variety of other talents. We will discuss different forms of psychic ability, how to distinguish fact from fiction, how to know when it’s in your head and when it’s not, and how to build the muscles you need to use your gifts to the best of your ability to aid the world around you.

Chant Share by Babs Allen.  All Ages

Come and share your favorite Pagan chants! We will teach each other and sing together– no singing talent required, only an open mind and heart.

Tools of the Trade by Sean-Thomas.  All Ages

Ever see a picture of a witch with a broom or a knife?  Ever wanted to know why they have one in that picture?  Come see, touch and learn about the different tools that different pagans from different traditions use in their practices.  From Wiccans to Heathens these are the tools they use to make their magic happen!

Poppet Magick, Part 1 by Amanda Tomasini-Valley with Pagans in Touch.  13+

Learn some of the history of poppet magick, why its used, materials used, how to make your own poppet, and what to do with it after!

Poppet Magick, Part 2 by Amanda Tomasini-Valley with Pagans in Touch.  13+

We’ll make a paper poppet that you can take home with you. Supplies will be provided.

Sumble- Traditional Ritual by Hedgehog with Pagans in Touch.  13+

Information and practice of a traditional Heathen Sumbel from the Norse traditions.  This joyous and fun ritual is always a hit.  Come join us as we shout at the heavens!

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