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2019 Workshops


Introduction to Bindrunes, by Jennilee Benda: Bindrunes can be powerful symbols to help protect, draw energy, or boost your own energy! Learn more about Bindrunes and how to create one for yourself. Ages 13+


Voices in my Head, by Faith Ham: Ever see things, feel things, hear things that others don’t? Trust me, you aren’t crazy. You may be psychic. In this workshop, we will discuss of the different psychic abilities, how to recognize them, and how to work with them & strengthen them. For the 2nd half, we will have a Q&A, along with the opportunity to read objects. All Ages


An Introduction to Self-Guided Meditation, by Jennilee Benda: Self-Guided Meditation is a meditation technique that allows a person to draw energy from the space around them and combine it with their own personal energy for a directed purpose. In this workshop you will learn more about this technique and ways it can be used.


Embracing the Divine Androgyne, by Sean-Thomas Gunnell with Many Paths CUUPS: The Triple Goddess and the Two-fold God have been part of the Pagan scene since the mid-twentieth century. But not all of us relate to these forms and seek to find aspects of Spirit with whom we can identify. Come join as we talk about personalities and aspects of the Divine that go beyond the hetero designation and are found all over the gender spectrum. We will discuss why these deities are important in the modern age, how they have always been with us, and how one coven sought to incorporate a third-gender deity into their practice and worship.


Herbalism: Back To Our Roots (and leaves and berries), by Erin Hayes: An overview of herbal history, uses, multicultural practices, methods, personal anecdotes, past and present issues and opposition, safety, and other pertinent information regarding herbalism as Complementary Alternative Remedies (CARs) used in addition to or in lieu of standard healthcare.*
Presented by Erin Hayes, enthusiast and advocate of herbalism for over 25yrs solely via personal experience and research. All Ages

*The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


Glamour Magic: Empowering yourself and investing in your desires, by Connie Bach: All genders welcome. How do you empower yourself before you take on the World? How do you make them see you for who you actually are? How do you make your outward energies serve your purposes? From using your bathing and grooming rituals as a way to connect with your divine spark, to style and beauty as a way to work you’re will on the world around you. We will also discuss shedding internal limitations and living an expanding life where you regard yourself as beautiful, without dimming the lights of others. All Ages


Poppet Magick, by Amanda Tomasini with Pagans in Touch:  Poppets have a long diverse history of use in various folk magick practices. They can be used for healing, protection, abundance, hexing, and more! We’ll start with a brief overview of the history of poppet magick, followed by how to make and use poppets in your magickal workings. Participants will have an opportunity to design a paper poppet to take home with them. Basic materials will be provided. Ages 13+


Tools of the Trade, Hedgehog with Pagans in Touch: Ever see a picture of a witch with a broom or a knife and want to know what they’re using it for? Ever wanted to know what the difference is between a curved blade and a straight blade? Ever want to know about some of the more obscure tools used in lesser-known traditions? Come see and learn about the different tools that Pagans of different traditions use! All Ages




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