General Policies of Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day

Video & Photography Policy Statement

Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day is held on private property and the public is invited to attend.  People who DO NOT want to be photographed for any reason will be wearing orange ribbons and we ask that you respect their position.
Absolutely NO Videotaping is allowed.  All photos or interviews with children/minors must be approved by parents.


Protester Policy statement

Individuals have the right under the first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to pray, make their opinions known in a public forum, and/or stage a non-violent demonstration.  Persons do not have the right to interfere with other individuals’ rights to the free exercise of religion, assembly, speech or religious expression.
Therefore, we, the organizers of Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day, Bloomington, Illinois, have set up a location 25 feet from the entrance to our venue for the purpose of non-violent protest, holding prayer circles, and/or peaceful demonstration. This area is designated by signs that say “Free Speech Zone”.   This area is for the purpose of keeping protesters safe, giving individuals a place to peacefully make a statement, and for the purpose of keeping Pagan Pride participants safe from being accosted or intimidated.  The only thing we ask is you bring a donation of a nonperishable food item for the food drive.   Harassment of those walking from their vehicles to the festival entrance will not be tolerated.
The criteria for “harassment” includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Following people from the parking lot to the festival entrance and shoving pamphlets, papers, and/or tracts into their hands.
  • Raised voices, yelling at those coming to, attending or leaving the festival regarding your particular religious and or political belief system.
  • Making derogatory remarks to anyone about any belief system.
  • Any of the above occurring outside the “Free Speech Zone”.

Non-violent protest, demonstration, and prayers may be held in the “Free Speech Zone” area without infringing upon the rights of others.
If protesters are stationed anywhere other than in the “Free Speech Zone”, thereby infringing upon the safety and respect of event participants, protesters will be asked to leave the Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day venue. Security personnel will direct non-violent protesters and those wishing to stage a peaceful demonstration to the appropriate location.
Violent protest, interfering with the constitutional rights of others, and harmful and/or dangerous activities will result in the Town of Bloomington Police Department and/or the McLean County Sheriff’s Department being summoned and violators being removed from the premises and/or prosecuted.
Thank you for your cooperation,

~The Central Illinois Pagan Pride Day Committee

General Policies

  • No Bladed edges of ANY type are allowed in the venue unless being sold by a registered vendor and adhering to the vendor policies surrounding the sale of such items.
  • No weapons of ANY type are allowed.
  • No gang dress / symbols are allowed anyone wearing these will be asked to leave immediately.
  • If you do not wish to be photographed we will be handing out orange ribbons to make our Photographer, as well as any media, aware that you do not wish to be photographed.
  • If you are not wearing an orange ribbon, your consent is considered given to be photographed, while we do control our own Internet sites, we unfortunately do not control others so we are not responsible if your picture ends up in the local paper!
  • No open burning of materials unless in a grill.
  • No “tagging” or marking of any property.
  • Do not harm any trees, plants, and/or animals on the property.  We are pagan and greatly respect nature and ask you do so as well while at our event.
  • Be respectful of others and their opinions.  No harassing of ANYONE.
  • Leave your witch wars at the parking lot. This is a day for unity and to celebrate the great harvest and being a Pagan.
  • This as an open event.  ALL paths and faiths are welcome to attend.
  • Absolutely NO Videotaping is allowed.
  • For Photography see the Video & Photography Policy Statement.
  • Do not accost or harass ANY protesters.
  • If media wishes to speak with you, you may do so as long as you make it clear you are not representing Central Illinois Pagan Pride as an organization.  Only a local coordinator may speak for Central Illinois Pagan Pride as an organization.
  • Please be respectful of the items on the “Tools of the Trade” display and do not touch them.  These are used by members in their own personal rituals and belong solely to them for this purpose.
  • Use common sense at all times.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in you being asked to leave the event by Security.
  • Security and the Local Coordinators have final say in any disputes regarding these rules.
  • Have Fun!
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